To build a compelling and dynamic experience for colleagues.

High Events Challenge

High event activities consist physical and mental challenges designed to help you overcome barriers in personal and group growth.

Adventure Race

The “Adventure Race” combines planning, decision making and physical exercise. You will have fun and enjoyment through the team collaboration.

Team Games & Challenge

Team challenge provide a dynamic environment, leading you to new insights about yourself, among team-mates, and effectiveness as a group.


This exciting sport is an exploration journey of canyon. You have to hike, swim, climb, scramble, and rappel in different areas to complete an entire route.

Rock Climbing & Abseiling

Climbing and abseiling help facilitate learning and breakthroughs for individual and group. Communication, support and encouragement are paramount for success in the challenge.

Orienteering Challenge​

Orienteering, also called “thinking sport”, uses map reading and compass skills to navigate in the physical world. It combines plan and diagram skills, decision making and physical exercise.

Raft Building

Your team are required to make a water worthy vessel, but using only limited supplies of raw materials. Teamwork, communication, and positive attitude are key to staying afloat.


Group kayaking excursion is a fantastic way to enhance team bonding. Kayaking safari gives you the opportunity to get out on the water and explore Hong Kong’s amazing coastline.


Snorkeling allows people to glimpse the underwater world. While enjoying the natural beauty of marine life, take the leisure and relaxing time to re-energize and bond with your team.

Catapult Battle

Catapult battle provide you with hours of fun. Teams build their catapult then hurl water bomb projectiles at other teams. It will take your watery wars to a whole
other level.

Newsports Games

The newsports games are competitive for the sporty minded participants. Healthy competition, team spirit, and team camaraderie will be on show during this fun-filled newsports event.

Customized Programs

We are experienced in providing challenging and fun corporate team building activities. To provide dynamic and unique experience, activities can also be designed to suit specific needs.